Delta Q Consultants, Inc. is a professional scientific analysis firm with expertise in fire science, explosion dynamics, chemical reactivity, materials, metallurgy & corrosion, electrical systems and thermal runaway. Delta Q combines full research and experimental capabilities, highly trained engineers, scientists and other subject matter experts with an understanding of optimizing efforts to meet real business timelines and costs.

Delta Q specializes in performing state of the art complex incident investigations using full scientific incident reconstruction methods. We work closely with client companies to, develop specialized hazard assessments and risk/reliability prediction tools, and perform product and process analyses including recall evaluations, fire safety, and process performance and product improvements. Delta Q also develops and offers customized in-depth training and education programs tailored to the needs of our clients.

Industries Served

Oil & Gas production,refining and distribution

Chemical and petro-chemical manufacturing

Compressed gas systems, including fuel gases, specialty gases production and storage and oxygen systems (including air separation systems)

Food manufacturing processes and systems, including grain operations

General manufacturing and distribution

Mining: underground coal, metals

Blast furnaces, foundries and other metal operations

Bio-fuel facilities

Large burner management systems

Gas turbines

Nuclear facilities

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Marco Island, FL 

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